Peaceful World Travels – Explore!

Posted By on August 19, 2011

Peaceful World Foundation
The Peaceful World Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting local and global conversations about peace and peaceful travel. The purpose of Peaceful World is to offer participatory Peace building experiences to the local and international public. The Foundation is based at the Red Victorian Peace Center and International Bed and Breakfast in San Francisco and encourages its visitors to learn intercultural communication skills through practical living and conversational experiences.

Explore this world in the spirit of peace.  There is so much to gain and learn from travel. To be truly educated, is to be well traveled. Come visit our friends at this little stretch of sand in La Jolla.


Peaceful World Travel Club
The Peaceful World Foundation sponsors a Peaceful World Travel Club, an international membership club of travelers and like-minded hospitality centers whose peace-building skills are invested in their daily lives and travels. Peaceful World’s goal is to connect a network of alternative travel resources, comprising a rich and broad variety of Living, Learning & Conversation Centers throughout the world.

Although the Peaceful World Foundation has been working for peace and a unified travel community for many years. The Red Victorian Peace Center was opened in 1978 and has since operated as a community hub and an alternative bed and breakfast where the local, national and international public are welcome to take part in the meetings and events of a growing Peace Community.

Meeting Space
The Peace Center also offers its space to local nonprofits and other organizations to host events, meetings, maintain office space, and be otherwise involved in their goals of efforts in making the world a better place. Find out more…